Author Victor T. Foia

Victor Foia on Camp MuirVictor T. Foia was born in Transylvania where he studied theoretical physics at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj.  At the age of 22, Victor escaped from behind the Iron Curtain and defected to Italy. After months spent in UN refugee camps, he emigrated to the United States. He graduated from the University of Illinois and University of Dallas, and embarked upon a career as an international corporate executive. Presently he is engaged full time in writing historical fiction.

Victor’s interest in Dracula dates from the age of six, when he first visited his compatriot’s birthplace only a hundred miles from his own. Soon this interest became a lasting passion for research into Dracula’s life. Exploring castles, fortresses, and monasteries throughout Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Victor went beyond the iconic Dracula literature to ferret out the essence of the man behind the Legend.

The four‑decade long quest has taken Victor to virtually all the places where Dracula lived, loved, fought and was imprisoned. In the end, by the empty tomb from where the prince disappeared without a trace 535 years ago, Victor felt his journey of discovery was complete and now the story of the real Dracula could be told.

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