Hunedoara Castle & Olt River Valley


The spectacular Hunedoara Castle, also known as Corvin’s Castle or Hunyadi Castle, is a 14th century Gothic-style castle complete with drawbridge and towers. It was at this castle that Vlad Dracul, the father of Vlad Tepes, was imprisoned for several years.

Hunyadi Fortress
Hunedoara or Corvin’s Castle

It gets its name from the Hunyadi family, who owned the structure, and if you read Book One in the Dracula Chronicles series, you will recognize it as the place of the great melée battle with the Turkish prisoners.

Hunedoara Castle interior
Hunedoara Castle interior

We lunch at the castle here and are still trying to arrange for a re-enactment of a medieval battle by a local historical re-enactment group.

Cozia Monastery
Cozia Monastery

We follow a  scenic route via the Red Tower Pass and the beautiful Olt River Valley, to the last place on our journey: the final resting place of Vlad’s grandfather Mircea and his beloved Oma.

The fortified monastery cloister dates from the foundation (1388) and is the only one in Byzantine style preserved in Romania. Two chapels are incorporated in the side toward the Olt River and their Byzantine cupolas are reflected in the water, creating one of the most iconic cultural – natural landmarks in Romania.


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