Dracula Chronicles

Son of the Dragon book coverBook One of the series, Son of the Dragon, is a Dracula origin story. It sets off his adventurous journey through a hostile world where life-threatening dangers rise continuously on his path. Eager to prove his courage, wit and skills at arms, the prince finds no peril too daunting to confront. Then a decision he makes on impulse changes his life forever.




Empire of Crescent Moon book cover

Book Two of the series, Empire of the Crescent Moon, finds Prince Vlad, a.k.a. Dracula, inside the Ottoman Empire. It is a world ruled with absolute power by Sultan Murad II of the House Osman. There nothing is what it seems, and treachery lurks around every corner. Vlad’s impetuous and idealistic nature exposes him to dangers that test the limits of his skills and wit. Then, when things take a desperate turn, Vlad receives help from an unexpected quarter.



House of War book coverComing in the fall of 2015, Book Three of the series: House of War.






And then in the fall of 2016, Book Four of the series: Death of Kings.


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