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How This Tour Came to Be

Few years ago at an opera fundraising event sitting next to me was this interesting Romanian man with an eye patch, no less. When he learned that I was also from the Balkans (Croatia) his interest perked up and he started telling me about his project of writing a series of historical novels about the real Vlad Dracula and how he wanted to set the his record straight.

No more of the vampires and undead, we were going to meet the real – much maligned – Prince Dracula who was as much a hero as a ruthless ruler of the 15th century Wallachia. I knew then and there that this was an interesting, worthwhile and fun project. I decided to be part of it in any small way I can.

Few months later, I suggested to Victor to organize a tour of “Dracula Land” for his fans and readers. He said “Milena, that’s a great idea — I’ll do it if YOU organize it!”

We found and engaged Mike Morton, a highly recommended British travel agent with the Travel Counselors, who has been doing travel tours in Romania for over 20 years. He has come up with several fantastic ideas and suggestions and his contacts in Romania are priceless.

I hope you will find traveling on this tour as much fun as we had organizing it!

Milena Soree DzamonjaMilena Sorée Dzamonja

Milena is the tour coordinator of Dracula Chronicles Tours, which is registered as a Seller of Travel in the State of Washington.

Foreign language teacher, translator and interpreter, a fine art photographer, economist and a mother of two, she is a native of Zagreb, Croatia who has lived in the Seattle area over 35 years. Milena speaks fluent Croatian, English and French and can communicate in German, Russian and Italian languages.

During the Balkan conflict in the early nineties, she went back to Croatia and lived a year alongside a Croatian military unit documenting the realities of war.

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