Dracula Chronicles Tour: June 5 – 19, 2016

Join Victor T. Foia, the author of Dracula Chronicles, and a select group of his fans and Vlad the Impaler aficionados, on a two week tour of places where Vlad lived, fought and loved in his campaigns against the Islamic State of the Ottoman Turks.

Breathe the crisp air of Transylvania, taste its terroir, and listen to the stories only a native historian like Victor can tell. Experience the culture and history of the part of Eastern Europe that time forgot, and which Dracula Chronicles brings back to life.

~ Tour Highlights ~

Bran Castle

brancastle aerialviewEnjoy an exclusive dinner with music recital at "Dracula's Castle"

Count Kalnoky

Count Tibor Kalonky

Be a guest at the estate of Count Kalnoky where the family has resided for over 800 years


black church organ 350

Attend a private organ recital in the Black Church, which experienced Dracula's ire

Gypsy Culture

Gypsy music 2

Special evening of Gypsy band music and dance around a bonfire


Poenari Fortress 1

Partake in a picnic lunch amid the ruins of the mountaintop fortress of Poienari where Vlad made his last stand against the invading Ottoman Muslims


Meadows 2Stroll the unique Transylvanian flower meadows guided by British botanist John Akeroyd


You've read the books, now let the author show you Transylvania!